Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bra for a Cause

A mid week 'Hello'.  Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

Last week I spent a few nights creating my bra entry for Crop for a Cause 2012 (after procrastinating for a few weeks deciding what to do)  My original idea could not come to fruition so this is what eventuated.  I wanted to create something with significance to the occasion so used the butterfly motifs and resin doves on the creation together with associated words of faith, hope and courage.

 and a few closeups.  The molds and resin had just arrived last week so had a play with the white doves.
 The alpha and pink butterflies are from Martha Stewart paper clay and alphabet molds.
 Bling swirls are Prima.

 I used a ModgePodge and water mix to stiffen the top of the motif then liquid pearls to give it back its shine.

There were far fewer entries than two years ago.  Here is this year's little lineup.

 Amazing what people think of.  Below left "Keep an eye on your Boobs!" and the dark blue one made with Cadbury chocolate wrappers.
However it was the 'Big C' which won over the 8-year-old boy judge. 
I now have two bras as wall hangings in my scrap room.  See my 2010 creation here.  It was created in memory of my grandmother using a lace doily she had crocheted and other vintage lace etc.

Well the final coat of paint has gone on our living/dining room walls so tomorrow night we will be getting things back in order and removing all the masking tape so still a big job ahead yet before any creative time. I am not looking forward to re-gathering and hanging the seven large curtains which are currently at the dry-cleaners though. 

Goodbye for now......

Monday, October 29, 2012


This is the layout I mostly created at Crop for a Cause 2012 on Saturday.  I have used the Artful Crafts Sketch for October but rotated and flipped it.
The inspiration was the Jenny Bowlin buttons I won at the last Crop for a Cause and since Jenny Bowlin is Centre Stage at Artful Crafts  for October it was an opportunity to use them.

Here is my take - the vintage part being the photo of 'guess who?' and my sister some 40-something years ago.
 While the lace and doilies are not actual vintage they have been around since then.  Our Mum used to sew all our outfits and this one we wore to an auntie's wedding.  I can still remember that it had a tulle petticoat underneath.  Pretty cute complete with gloves and hats too.  Papers are Bo Bunny and I just love the colours.
 The little flower vines are "Make it Crafty". 
 Letters were made with Martha Stewart Paper Clay and moulds.
 Last week some supplies of resin and moulds arrived so the above rose and daisy are the results.  Lots of fun!
 The Jenny Bowlin Buttons above.
 The Prima resin bird sits on more Make it Crafty blossom.

Thanks for looking at my blog.  I appreciate your visits and welcome any comments you wish to make. 

Off to bed now - I have done 3 hours of lawn mowing after work today so not sure if I will be able to walk tomorrow. 

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Silver, Black and White

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope your weekend is going well.

Today I have been at the 2012 Crop for A Cause but more about that later.

This week at Wild Orchid Challenge Blogspot the theme is Silver and Gold.  I made this card last week for the wedding my daughters were going to so have entered it in the challenge.  Patterned papers are Bo  Bunny "Enchanted" collection and I added a little Prima to the mix - Resin hearts and bling and some Wild Orchid Crafts items in the corners - Silver corners and roses.  And I think the lace is from Wild Orchids also.   Liquid pearls were added to finish the card.  The 'silver' component of the challenge is the silver ornate corners and silver bling.


The inside included this verse framed in Prima Bling
 and the whole inside....

It was a larger card than usual being A5 size.

Well it is a quick post as I should be in bed after a long day and another one to follow tomorrow.  We are decorating..... and progress while I was at the crop today wasn't quite as much as anticipated.

Goodbye for now....

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

C'est Magnifique Challenge

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope your long weekend (if in NZ) went well.  I certainly enjoyed the extra day and loved spending lots of time with family and my dear GS who was so much fun.  I visited the Miniature Show in Dunedin twice - 1st time with company but then went back by myself yesterday.  What an amazing hobby - everything you could think of was there and the Kiwiana theme was well depicted.  As I was racing out (I had gone overtime by about 1/2 an hour lol) I stopped to support their raffle and then left thinking no more about it then I got a call, and tonight took delivery of my very own iconic NZ 4-square shop with accommodation upstairs.  I WON THE RAFFLE!!! WOW so much work has gone into the miniature building.  I will take pics and post them another time.  I think miniature enthusiasts have incredible patience.  ...and if we think scrapbooking is expensive I would say miniatures is definitely on a par. 

Here is a layout made in the holidays for the C'est Magnifique October Sketch Challenge.
The layout is of my grandmother as a child in 1921.  I have used Kaisercraft Turtle Dove collection papers. 

 A Cherry Lynn die was used above - a die that I will no longer be able to use due to it being too much for my Cuttlebug grrrrr...... it doesn't work any more.
 The lace motif worked well with the layout.  Flowers are Prima and Wild Orchids as are the above pearls

I was pleased with this page however I am struggling with my mojo at the moment.  I am hoping this Saturday's  Crop for a Cause 2012 will spark it up again. However the courier also dropped off an order from Nic Howard today so I am looking forward to having a play with the resin and molds so that may inspire me. 

Have a good week.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today I am going to have a plug for the NZ Association of Miniature Enthusiasts.  Their Dolls House and Miniatures exhibition is being held this weekend in Dunedin as per the following flyer.
I am really looking forward to paying a visit as I spent some of the weekend cleaning up old type cases ready for a project that has been in the pipeline for a couple of years now so I will be scanning the miniatures for just the pieces need along with gaining inspiration from the miniature works on display. 

If you do get the opportunity to go, look out for the miniature 'Church of Good Shepherd' (Lake Tekapo's little church) made by my Auntie M.  The attention to detail is amazing.

Funny - years ago that was one hobby I thought I would thoroughly enjoy, along with cake decorating however Scrapbooking popped up first so that is the path I took.  However all three have similarities.  They are all addictive, creative, are collectables, have limitless ideas, have great camaraderie  and all can use many of the same skills and tools to create with. 

Right now I need to go and make a wedding card.  Thanks for visiting and welcome to a new follower.  Your interest is much appreciated.

Until next time....

Sunday, October 14, 2012

CSI No. 40 - Donald and Daisy

Over the holidays this is the third CSI case I have attempted to solve.  This week there has been a lot of procrastinating - not sure if it is the scheme or the pics.  I am not a huge fan of scrapping photos of myself however the testimony *use the birthday prompts #1 here led me to document my last significant birthday which was a wonderful long lasting celebration.

 So here goes. All the colours from the SCHEME were used.
For the EVIDENCE I used Polka dots/stripes, scallops, circular elements, banners, tulle, transparent items and numbers.  The 50 was cut off one of my cards (from the two little Devils lol) and the transparencies off another card as I do like to use memorabilia where possible.  
 I used a Crafters Workshop Template and moulding paste to add the scallops, dots and swirls to the background.  I then added stickles to jazz it up a bit and also rhinestones.  As the background of the main photo was too dark I cut out the subjects.

 The 50 was painted over with yellow paint and edges outlined with liquid pearls as were the dots on the 50. Some of the flags (from Kaisercraft pp) were modified by adding the yellow too.
 The TESTIMONY is via hidden journalling - the cake pic opens down to reveal the story as below.  The journalling is framed with liquid pearls.

The journalling is a bit long to share here but in summary ...
I thought my 40th birthday was the best until my 50th.  I had organised my 40th and it was a huge success but the difference with my 50th was that my extended family had organised this one.  I knew something was going on but not the extent they were going to.  I was told I had to dress up with something starting with 'D' and thought it was going to be a small party in my brother's garage.  However it was a big party in a hall with a DJ and all 85 present dressed up in something beginning with D and they had come from Wellington to Invercargill for the occasion and ages ranged from a few months to 78.  It was so special having all the special people in my life in the same place at the same time - only it was over too soon but special memories to treasure.   Mum made and iced the cake.  The night got into action as soon as I arrived with the kitchen door opening and out came Snow White and the Seven dwarfs singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go......" and they were my Mum and Dad, aunties, uncles, cousins, SIL (priceless).  Present were Cruella D'eville, Dame Edna, Doctor Love, detectives, debutantes, door mouse,  Dolly Parton, Devils, Dominatrix, Daffodils, Duchesses, Dunces, Drag Queens, Dumbo  to name a few.  A fantastic night.

It was a triple celebration in the end - as it was also DD#2's actual birthday date (10 days before my actual one) and she had also just become engaged so they had an engagement cake also made by my Mum.

Anyway - this page is a bit outside my usual and very BRIGHT.....  (Let me know what you think).   The background PP I have had in my stash for a very long time so it was good to finally use it. 

Oh well, it is back to work tomorrow (although I did do a couple of days during the week.) No doubt it will be a busy Term 4 with all the end of year stuff just around the corner.  The sun is shining again today so all is  good.

Reminder:  Crop for a Cause (Timaru) is on October 27th.  See here for details and to organise tickets.  Should be a fun day for a good cause. 

Thank you for stopping by today. 

Until next time. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Happy Weekend.  Thank you for stopping by my blog today. 

Smiles are proof of everyday miracles is the Prima felt iron on I used on the September BAP entry.  I was digging fairly deep into my stash this time.  Here is the sketch

For some time now the Prima BAP entries have been getting progressively artsier so I decided to put a bit of modelling paste on my entry with a Crafter's Workshop mask.  I still need to gain a lot of confidence in this area as I still like to make the most of the patterned papers without covering it all up. Here is my entry which is the sketch rotated to suit the paper and photo.

The scalloped frame is from a Cherry Lynn die I was having trouble with.  The centre would not cut out so I trimmed off the good bits and used it as a frame.  
This entry did not achieve a mention but pop over to Prima and see the wonderful artsy pages that have been created. 

This very wet patch of weather is very suited to scrapbooking and I am hopeful to get to the scrap room after a couple of jobs in town.  I am almost back in action mobile phone wise - just need to see if the info on the sim card is not damaged so it could be transferred to the new one.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time....

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jobs and Autographs

Who had/has an autograph book?  They were very popular when I was about 11 - 14 years old.  Today I am going to share an autograph from one of my old teachers, Mr Dickson who sadly was farewelled today at age 88 - a real character. 

"If you've got a job to do
Do it Now!
If its one you wish were through,
Do it Now!
Don't hem and haw and groan, 
Just tackle it alone
Do it Now!"
JN Dickson 16/12/1971

I think he made an impact on my life as the other motto I go by is "If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well" and I am sure it was he who in-grained that into me.   He was a teacher who kept a piece of work of almost every pupil he taught.  He returned mine in 2005 when I was involved in the school reunion committee.  It was an illustrated story about cowboys that I had produced with a friend - I certainly couldn't remember it as I have never been a Cowboys and Indians girl but it was my printing.  Fortunately we have come a long way with punishments at school since Mr D was my teacher as he was the one whose job it was to give the strap and they would line up outside Room 5 and we would hear the 'goings on' from inside. (I think I am sounding old    lol  :I remember when..... grin)

However the above autograph is not working with today's technology.  I have been trying to get onto the work server from home several times today and it is not to be so I have given up for now. 

Enough doom and gloom - now onto 'on top of the world' - a layout created with the Kaisercraft Periwinkle Collection for the Embellish It Design Team.

 I had been wanting to scrap this picture for quite a while and it suited the papers nicely.  Unfortunately the photographer at my DD's wedding liked taking angle photos - something I struggled with so here I have angled the photo to make it straight and embellished to detract from that. 

I have had a project on the table in the scrap room for a couple of days now so I am off to the scrap room for an hour and will take heed of the above autograph and just "Do it Now!" instead of procrastinating any more.

Thank you for visiting and any comments you may wish to leave.

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