Sunday, October 14, 2012

CSI No. 40 - Donald and Daisy

Over the holidays this is the third CSI case I have attempted to solve.  This week there has been a lot of procrastinating - not sure if it is the scheme or the pics.  I am not a huge fan of scrapping photos of myself however the testimony *use the birthday prompts #1 here led me to document my last significant birthday which was a wonderful long lasting celebration.

 So here goes. All the colours from the SCHEME were used.
For the EVIDENCE I used Polka dots/stripes, scallops, circular elements, banners, tulle, transparent items and numbers.  The 50 was cut off one of my cards (from the two little Devils lol) and the transparencies off another card as I do like to use memorabilia where possible.  
 I used a Crafters Workshop Template and moulding paste to add the scallops, dots and swirls to the background.  I then added stickles to jazz it up a bit and also rhinestones.  As the background of the main photo was too dark I cut out the subjects.

 The 50 was painted over with yellow paint and edges outlined with liquid pearls as were the dots on the 50. Some of the flags (from Kaisercraft pp) were modified by adding the yellow too.
 The TESTIMONY is via hidden journalling - the cake pic opens down to reveal the story as below.  The journalling is framed with liquid pearls.

The journalling is a bit long to share here but in summary ...
I thought my 40th birthday was the best until my 50th.  I had organised my 40th and it was a huge success but the difference with my 50th was that my extended family had organised this one.  I knew something was going on but not the extent they were going to.  I was told I had to dress up with something starting with 'D' and thought it was going to be a small party in my brother's garage.  However it was a big party in a hall with a DJ and all 85 present dressed up in something beginning with D and they had come from Wellington to Invercargill for the occasion and ages ranged from a few months to 78.  It was so special having all the special people in my life in the same place at the same time - only it was over too soon but special memories to treasure.   Mum made and iced the cake.  The night got into action as soon as I arrived with the kitchen door opening and out came Snow White and the Seven dwarfs singing "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work we go......" and they were my Mum and Dad, aunties, uncles, cousins, SIL (priceless).  Present were Cruella D'eville, Dame Edna, Doctor Love, detectives, debutantes, door mouse,  Dolly Parton, Devils, Dominatrix, Daffodils, Duchesses, Dunces, Drag Queens, Dumbo  to name a few.  A fantastic night.

It was a triple celebration in the end - as it was also DD#2's actual birthday date (10 days before my actual one) and she had also just become engaged so they had an engagement cake also made by my Mum.

Anyway - this page is a bit outside my usual and very BRIGHT.....  (Let me know what you think).   The background PP I have had in my stash for a very long time so it was good to finally use it. 

Oh well, it is back to work tomorrow (although I did do a couple of days during the week.) No doubt it will be a busy Term 4 with all the end of year stuff just around the corner.  The sun is shining again today so all is  good.

Reminder:  Crop for a Cause (Timaru) is on October 27th.  See here for details and to organise tickets.  Should be a fun day for a good cause. 

Thank you for stopping by today. 

Until next time. 


Rachel F said...

wow the layout is a bright one- but then so was the night it was a fantastic party - you Hansons really know how to party lol

Francine said...

gorgeous- i love your outfit!! The party sounds fantastic and I like how everyone really got into the theme of the night! I have a significant birthday next year so maybe something similar could be fun! I like the brights and i love how the cake folds down to show your journalling!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Love your bright and fun page!! Awesome!!!