Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jobs and Autographs

Who had/has an autograph book?  They were very popular when I was about 11 - 14 years old.  Today I am going to share an autograph from one of my old teachers, Mr Dickson who sadly was farewelled today at age 88 - a real character. 

"If you've got a job to do
Do it Now!
If its one you wish were through,
Do it Now!
Don't hem and haw and groan, 
Just tackle it alone
Do it Now!"
JN Dickson 16/12/1971

I think he made an impact on my life as the other motto I go by is "If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well" and I am sure it was he who in-grained that into me.   He was a teacher who kept a piece of work of almost every pupil he taught.  He returned mine in 2005 when I was involved in the school reunion committee.  It was an illustrated story about cowboys that I had produced with a friend - I certainly couldn't remember it as I have never been a Cowboys and Indians girl but it was my printing.  Fortunately we have come a long way with punishments at school since Mr D was my teacher as he was the one whose job it was to give the strap and they would line up outside Room 5 and we would hear the 'goings on' from inside. (I think I am sounding old    lol  :I remember when..... grin)

However the above autograph is not working with today's technology.  I have been trying to get onto the work server from home several times today and it is not to be so I have given up for now. 

Enough doom and gloom - now onto 'on top of the world' - a layout created with the Kaisercraft Periwinkle Collection for the Embellish It Design Team.

 I had been wanting to scrap this picture for quite a while and it suited the papers nicely.  Unfortunately the photographer at my DD's wedding liked taking angle photos - something I struggled with so here I have angled the photo to make it straight and embellished to detract from that. 

I have had a project on the table in the scrap room for a couple of days now so I am off to the scrap room for an hour and will take heed of the above autograph and just "Do it Now!" instead of procrastinating any more.

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Brenda said...

I love this LO it is Awesome, I cant wait to get my hands on some of the periwinkle collection, it will go down well with my boys LO's..
I remember having an autograph book they were cool things to have in the old days LOL. i have no idea where it went to tho.
Nice work Dianne...