Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Simply Paper

Today in NZ has been a very emotional day - one year on from the devastating Christchurch Earthquake and TV has replayed many images of that day, 22 February 2011, but also told the stories of many survivors, rescuers,  people who lost loved ones, lost their precious buildings and homes, how people are coping with their situations and more.  The stories are inspirational, the people are amazing as they continue to rebuild their communities and lives.  Caring thoughts are with you all.

Vicky Alberto's blog post title is "Spread the Love" and she is celebrating  2 years of blogging on 25 February and now has over 800 followers in that time by having a 'blue' Giveaway.  Check out the details at Simply Paper here.

Looks like a super collection of blue embellishments and papers.

Another day has passed by and still the scrap room waits...     so sorry - nothing else to share yet.

Thanks for stopping by.

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