Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Christmas Cracker Recycled

Baby's 1st Christmas Cracker turned out to be a disappointment.  When I bought it I though it would have a little resin or plastic photo frame for a memento - not so - oh well I suppose it was like most Christmas crackers - impressive but not so useful.  So rather than sending it to the landfill or recycling centre I decided to recycle it on a page.  This was the cracker and packaging.....
 Maybe black and white photos may have looked better but these were all I had up camping so this is what I cam up with. 
 The cracker was flattened and the ends cut off, punched and repositioned to fit the page. The hat was recycled into a frill to frame the photo.  Snowflake circles punched from the packaging and mounted on white circles.  White Bazzill cardstock was embossed to give some dimension and Martha Stewart punches used for borders. The remaining contents of the cracker are displayed on the page.

It was a little paper frame included which I think looks better on the page that getting lost in the Christmas decorations.

It's hard to believe it is February already.  Hope your week is going well.  I am looking forward to the upcoming long weekend and aim to devote at least one day to the scrap room.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Your visits and comments are truly appreciated.

Take Care



Rachel F said...

Again wow Diane that is awesome!

Chelsea said...

Oh I love to recycle too, but I thought your Christmas Cracker is really pretty! Anything you make will be beautiful. These photos are so precious.

Hugs and Love.