Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family Memories Pouches

Spring Cleaning has been the focus again today - the porch cupboard bar the photo shelf (I would have never got anything else done if I had got side-tracked on that shelf) which will be kept for another day. I now have to focus on the area where the TV goes in order to accommodate a new entertainment unit (DH bday pressie) so that meant going through the old video's (almost extinct aren't they?) so we have a box full to discard of but have kept all the family videos (taken by my Dad of the extended family) and also all the shows the girls participated in.  Prior to Christmas all the extended family videos were put onto DVD's for everyone so I gave my girls a set each for Christmas and made special pouches to put them in (see below).  Today I found all the productions they were involved in and a school camp etc so will now take them to the experts to get put onto DVD.  We still have a video player but once it doesn't work any more we will be in trouble. 

Here are the pouches I made while up camping before Xmas.
Front and backs - 
 I used one piece of Bazzill and one patterned paper for each one plus some Bo Bunny stickers. 

 I put little gussets on the pouches to accommodate the thickness of the 5 DVD's and used magnets to keep them closed.
The DVD's were a real hit but nothing was said about the pouches!!! - Never mind it keeps them together.  Once I had made the first one they went together reasonably quickly.

That's it for today - back to the spring cleaning.

Have a great weekend.  Until next time ....



Bronwyn said...

What an awesome idea!
BTW the pouches are gorgeous :)

Rachel F said...

ditto - the pouches are fantastic what a great idea!

Francine said...

what a brilliant idea- my husband has been meaning to do the very same thing for his mum! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

Joanne Flannery said...

Hi Dianne
The pouches look fantastic!!! The papers and sayings sooo perfect for the job too.

sussipoppins said...

Hi again,
I think these are wonderful. What a great idea!
Susan oxo