Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On This Day

On this Day 78 years ago my grandparents were married.  They were married two months short of 65 years when my grandmother passed away.  On this day nine years ago my Grandad passed away - that day signified 69 years since their wedding day, Grandad was 92.  They had a very special relationship and were devoted to each other.  Here is a wedding/anniversary layout I did a while back. 

This photo was taken in the latter years when Gran was in a home - Grandad would visit every day and often he would play music and sing together.  Here is a canvas created quite a while back.  I did a series of my grandmother as a girl, young lady and a bride. 

 I remember them every day as these canvases are on my wall but especially today, 11 October. 

Well today I have a paper war at home, and unfortunately not in the scrap room lol, but  cleaning the top of the filing cabinet and computer desk after an accumulation of ....dare I say it... probably 9 months so it has taken a good portion of the day between getting side-tracked on the computer and along with having an emergency appointment at the dentist as a piece fell off a couple of days ago. ( The numbness has just worn off.)   Day 2 of the holidays almost gone.....

Thank you so much for visiting. 

Until next time......

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Trace said...

Might not have been creative Dianne, but always good to get jobs like the filing cabinet sorted lol.

What lovely memories of your grandparents.