Monday, October 10, 2011


It took a bit of finding but here is the photo of the layout I mentioned a couple of posts ago - my beloved first car 'Maud'.  Maud is parked outside my grandparent's house in Otautau in about 1977-78 when my Mum and I went on an adventure to visit.  It was  by 2nd  big trip away (the 1st being to Ashburton an hour up the road lol).  I remember it being very scarey going over the Kilmog near Dunedin and willing the car to get up the hill. PP are Prima as are the flowers.
 As I didn't have a good shot of the front of the car I improvised by finding an image on the net and editing the number plate.  The number plate is significant to as it is the time of birth of Lisa's sister (Lisa commented on my blog 2 posts ago and Maud is her grandmother)  S phoned me once to see if I could remember the number plate number as it was the time of her birth 11:49. 
This is a sideways shot - included in the layout is the ownership papers tucked under the circle and a replica key. 
Every time I pass a Morris Minor, especially a green one, I miss my old car.  My DH gave it and his Morrie Van to the Morris Minor Club around 1997 as they were just rusting away under a tree and at that time we couldn't see us ever restoring them.....

Well we went on another journey in the weekend to the Ellesmere District to catch up with our Bestman, Groomsman & their wives and watch the rugby - 4 games in 2 days - whew I did it .... but it is not really me.  However the two days were quite relaxing and we got to go on a Fire Brigade Fundraising Garden Walk yesterday which included the garden of Dan Carter's parents and the goal post and location where he first kicked his goals.  What a shame we didn't get to see him in action last night but we will be thinking of him as he undergoes his surgery and recovery. We got home just before lunch today, loaded up the pigeons and I took them back up to near Ashburton for a fly home as DH had work commitments (the things we do) so with that, some grocery shopping and catching up on the 70 odd blog posts while I was away 'Day 1' of the holidays is practically over.  Could be a good scrapping day tomorrow if this weather doesn't improve.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

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halo said...

another post to make me smile! I remember Nana's car well-- & I'm so glad you got so much enjoyment out of it, too. :)

Rachel F said...

another stunning layout Diane. Glad you are enjoying your holidays, I must come and visit and see you new Kitchen I bet you are enjoing that!