Friday, August 5, 2011

A Great Week One!, and Purple

Last Monday I started a new job back in a Primary School as Office Manager.  What a lovely week I have had - The staff, students and parents have been so welcoming.  I have had emails, welcomes over the phone, cards and today a lovely parent brought in a cyclamen in a lovely textured fabric basket to welcome me.  The children are delightful and so helpful and independent.  They have even been trained to get their own plasters and ice cubes for minor injuries which is fantastic.  My mind is packed full, coming to grips with all the tasks involved but I am loving my new job and am even keen to get there in the mornings (not usually a good morning person lol).  ... so all in all a GREAT WEEK.  One morning though I hadn't slept well in the night and must have gone back into a deep sleep, waking at 7.57am for an 8.30am start.  Amazingly I made it by 8.30.

Consequently I have been on a work high instead of a scrapping high and haven't got anything done since last weekend.  Still have the purple layout to do and now Week 6  which are the neutrals.  Today I will share the purple colour card from last week. 
Another Retro photo circa 1965.  My sister's birthday party where the popular colour was purple.  Recognise anyone?  Along with the popular colour was border anglaise lace which I have included on my page. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be back with my purple layout. 

We are still without a kitchen and dined, once again, in the caravan tonight - very cosy and quite alright.  Tomorrow is the day that the kitchen is installed so hopefully without too many hitches.  By this time next week we may be back to normal????  but lots of work before then though, both for the installer and putting everything back.  Another task tomorrow  though is being the 'good wife' and that means because DH is working and it is mating season for the pigeons I have to make half hourly trips down to the pigeon loft to  let one pair out of their compartment at a time - every half hour?#@?&^ - the things we do???  I have a map of the order in which to carry out the task lol.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Bye for now....


Bronwyn said...

Great that you are enjoying your new job and that your kitchen is almost done looking forward to seeing it
Hehehe bout the pigeons the things we do!!!

Sonya said...

LOL Dianne at your 'pigeon job'!! Are you second from the left standing up in the photo?? So pleased you are being treated well at your new job, sounds lovely!How exciting it will be to have your kitchen finished!!

Dianne H said...

You guessed correctly Sonya lol.