Monday, August 1, 2011

Catching Up

It's been a while since I updated due to a week away so now I am playing 'Catch Up' with the Colour ,or is it Color Class!  Week 4 was the colour BLUE.  I found another perfect retro photo for the blue  colour card - for blue the following words are mentioned and when I look at the photo I see it all - peace, tranquility, calm, relaxation, reliability & trust (tyre), serene, refreshing, cleanliness.   

 My 'build it' layout is to Nic's sketch and colouring on her example. 
A very linear design for me but another layout done for my daughter's album and a good way to record a sequence of events.  It would have been nice to printed the journalling directly onto the paper but after one, almost disastrous, attempt I went for the vellum option.  The paper got caught in the printer and it had to be the orange colour which I didn't have any more of so had to straighten it out and think again.  

We are without our kitchen at the moment so no dinner to cook tonight.  My lovely sister is feeding us today so we still haven't had to resort to takeaways. 

Well that is all for now......
Thank you for stopping by.  Back next time with my entry in the Prima BAP for July - done in the nick of time.

Keep warm, it looks like another clear frosty night tonight.

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Rachel F said...

Welcome home - how was your trip away I was thinking of you!
Congrats on getting your page up on Prima again.
Love your blue layout you are so talented!