Thursday, December 30, 2010

Washed Out

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas. I certainly enjoyed my Christmas in Dunedin with our girls who prepared a lovely barbecue meal and desserts together with games for entertainment throughout the day. It certainly wasn't the plastic Christmas they had led me to believe we would be having. We had a lovely relaxing day.

Today I had hoped to be back scrap booking an entry for the Prima December BAP - instead it was a trip to our camp site to retrieve our belongings.
We have camped in this spot for 16 years (my brother & s-i-l for 20 years) and this is the first time it has looked like this - a combination of the recent rain and Lakes Tekapo, Pukaki and Ohau being released at the same time into Benmore which was already full. (Last year just two lakes were released and while the access tracks were flooded our camp site was fine.) The water is now slowly being released at the other end but it will be weeks before his site is going to be pleasant to camp at. We were lucky enough to be on the high spot so had only a small flood in the awning.
These poor friends were not so fortunate - they had a tent and were at home when the flooding arrived so also arrived today to retrieve their brand new tent and all their belongings in 6-8 inches of water. This is also where 3 other campsites had evacuated to higher ground yesterday.

Getting ready for the task of towing through the flooded tracks.
The photographers recording the event.
2 x 4-wheel drives pulling the caravan through the torrent.
Mission accomplished safely and this is where we had come from - the track we had walked several times last week. Well that was our adventure for today. Now we are at home drying out and cleaning everything (the horrible part lol) and contemplating the next part of the holidays at home - we had planned to go camping again on Saturday however looking at the bright side hopefully some more time for creating now.

Trina McClune is appealing for help with the SCKC pages. If you can help it would be truly appreciated. I think they need to be posted to Trina by 15 January so still two weeks to go. Will post pics of my pages soon.

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thanks for visiting.

Until next time....


Rachel F said...

Wow amazing pic's Diane they sure did get a lot of rain and has caused havoc everywhere. Pleased your caravan was high enough though - poor people in the tents - so glad we are not at the lakes this year!

rumble said...

Wow water water everywhere so pleased you were not flooded it looked awfully close glad you got your gear out safe and sound
Yay for more scrapping time