Sunday, April 15, 2012

Way to Go!

Firstly, thank you for all the texts and comments over the past week.  Yesterday little Zac and his Mum flew home and so did we.
He made good progress on Thursday, was discharged to Ronald McDonald House on Friday and home on Saturday.  He is getting better every day. Below - Our little Trooper saying goodbye at Auckland airport and dressed in his little 'All Black' jersey.   He was perfect for his Mum all the way home.
 Do I really have to smile???????? just before leaving Ronald McDonald House.  He is pretty good until he gets the hiccups which causes pain poor wee man.
 Did you know that there are two Ronald McDonald houses in Auckland?  Well we sure found out the hard way yesterday.  We were leaving our accommodation to go to Ronald McDonald House to help with the packing and airport transfer.  A taxi picked us up and delivered us to Ronald McDonald House (only it was the wrong one)  it was Grafton Mews and not the Domain one.  So then it was about a kilometre walk UP HILL, suit case in tow to get to where we should have been (and one very grumpy me).  It would have been quicker and easier to have walked from the accommodation - not impressed with two of the taxi drivers we had there however the one from Corporate Taxi's who took us to the airport made up for them.

And after visiting our groomsman and comparing heart operation notes (he had his 3 weeks ago) we arrived home and on the table was a lovely basket of preserves.  This is the way to go - surplus tomatoes to Mum before we left and surprise - all bottled into relish and soup when we come home.  A much appreciated gesture and lunch today.
Actually I have had a very good preserving season - DH processed 3 lots of sauce and the beetroot and Mum this.  The pears were a non-event this year so I really haven't had to do any. 

I am hoping to get back into the scrap room soon.  So that is it for now.

Thanks for stopping by.


Rachel F said...

aww he still looks so cute without a smile :-)
So pleased they are home and you too.
What a really nice surprise to arrive home to, I must tell your mum where i live lol.

Trace said...

Wee Zac is looking great! Lovely that you were able to go and help them travel back home - must be a great weight off your mind to have them close again.

Francine said...

so gad to hear that little Zac is doing so well- its aways nice to be home!

Sonya said...

Oh goodness me, Im so far behind Dianne I didnt even know little Zac was unwell, sorry to read that ( I have to read back through your posts now)! I wound not have thought that there would have been two Ronald McDonald houses either! Your preserves look wonderful.