Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thinking of You

A couple of weeks ago a relative passed on.  We were unable to attend the funeral so I made these for some family members.
The stamp was purchased at a fair for 50 cents and is the first time I had used it.  The pp's are Prima Botanical Collection and previously I have struggled with these but was very happy with the outcome this time.
  Flowers above are Wild Orchids.
 I found the lace for this card at a Vintage Market on my last trip to Dunedin and just love it. 
 The hydrangea flowers are Petaloo.  Pearls are liquid pearls
Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

Until next time...



Brenda said...

Beautiful Card I love the flowers and Lace..

Rachel F said...

you are so talented Diane your flowers always look like a florist did them - maybe we need to have a lesson or six from you on a Tuesday!

Trace said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of one of your relatives Dianne. Such beautiful cards you have created.

Joanne F said...

Gorgeous cards Dianne, and that lace is to die for!!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Seriously ... your cards are gorgeous creations.

Francine said...

wow these cards are absolutely beautiful- you are so talented!