Monday, May 2, 2011

A card Weekend ..... and cat amongst the pigeons!

On Saturday I attended the Embellish It Crop.  As May is a month of events I managed to create almost two cards for the day, then another when I got home.  Those three I cannot share before I have given them to the recipients however yesterday I created this one.

Using Prima Moulin Rouge papers and butterfly together with Botanical collection pp, bling and some vintage lace, pearls and pearl hearts.  Also some flowers and trim.  The top and bottom borders were punched with a Martha Stewart Vintage Lace punch.
And now to the other thing that happened yesterday.  My DH (a pigeon fancier) was away so I had the job of loft manager.  There were still a few birds missing after Saturday's race so I had to open the traps early in case they arrived home.  I did this at 8.30am and proceeded to create the above card, then do a few hours housework and at 4pm went to have a count up to see if any had arrived home.  I counted a few times just in case I missed any.  I was standing back contemplating closing one of the traps when I had a OMG moment - a ginger & black tigerish looking cat was peering out from inside the loft at me.  How long had it been in there?  What do I do now? just some of the things I muttered ...#+?#*  all the while the birds were unusually quiet (they are usually cooing and fluttering) and sitting very still on their perches.  I opened the side door then tapped and hissed where the unwanted visitor was before it clawed its way along the bird wire and skedaddled out the door.  Whew - imagine if the birds had escaped - they were freaked enough and hungry as they wouldn't have risked coming down for food.  Who needs exercise - that had the heart rate up lol.  On inspection today they look okay except we couldn't risk leaving the traps open all day and when I arrived home from work one lonely bird was waiting to be let in.  I hope I don't see that cat again for a while.

Well that's all for today.  A tad tired after the 1st day back at work.

Thanks so much for visiting and thank you so much for your comments.  

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Rachel F said...

lol - bet you nearly had a heart attack! Cheeky bird!
Stunning card - you are so talented

rumble said...

What an eventful day!!
Gorgeous card can't wait to see the others

Trace said...

Crikey, that would be scary, poor birds.

Anonymous said...

OMG Dianne that card is Stunning!!!!
Lucky you noticed that cat when you did!