Monday, April 4, 2011

Time for a change

I had been putting off trying to design a new blog header but thanks to the "Antique Finds' Header found at Shabby Blogs it made my task a whole lot easier.  So that together with a bit of editing in my 'Ulead Photo Express' programme this is what I came up with.

We had a wonderful time at Raincliff Camp over the weekend and Tania of Embellish It was very organised with a well stocked shop, she and her team fed us well and provided a few challenges being Zumba (optional) and a Scrap Challenge with 1 1/2 hours to create a page, card or item with the contents of a pack she had provided.  For me they were both challenges as with Zumba I found I could manage the leg movements but when I had to add arm ones too I got totally bamboozled - I lasted for about 40 minutes before ejecting from the room and deciding it wasn't really for me but at least I gave it a go.  And the scrap challenge - well speed scrapping is not my forte but in the nick of time I finished a layout in the allocated time.  Thank you Tania for providing such an enjoyable weekend.

Due to the atrocious weather today and it being dark this morning and when I arrived home photos of the weekend's creations have yet to be taken so I will share them later in the week.  Three  12x12 layouts, four  8x8 layouts and a card was the total production at Raincliff and with the real mojo arriving when it was time to go home I cleaned the scrap room while putting everything back and managed another four quick 8x8 ones last night.  It's great to have a tidy room to work in again as it had been a bit out of control. 

I will leave you with an off the page project - another diaper cake and cradle made for a baby shower for little Harrison who arrived very early at 26.5 weeks but is now finally at home with his Mum and Dad. 

We felt the orange ribbon gave it a funky look and matched the cute little monkey topper. 

Well that's it for tonight.  Bed time.  Have a great week and thanks for visiting.


Rachel F said...

Love the cake, and the lace on the cradle.
Wow another four 8x8 's once you got home lol the best i could do was to tidy up what i brought home!

rumble said...

Wow they are absolutely gorgeous love them
I have a baby shower beginning of May between you and Rach I can see I will be well and truely organised

Looking forward to seeing your Raincliff projects


Embellish It said...

You went home and scrapped more? I was in bed at 8.02pm! Thank you for the kind words. Tania

Joanne said...

Hi Dianne
Gorgeous nappy cake and cradle, love the lace detailing. Go you for getting more layouts done, I haven't even put my stuff away properly yet!
Look forward to seeing all your layouts.