Monday, October 4, 2010


Well over a year ago we started planning a trip to Australia to take a Murray River Cruise on an Unforgettable Houseboat. After all the planning, and under the leadership of J & E we have been .... and sadly it is all over. Twelve of us, 11 originating from Timaru together with one Australian had a fantastic four days on the river and the remainder of the time in Adelaide. After all the recent rain SA is looking very lush and the Murray's level is way up.
We had so much fun with a theme each night including a meal of that theme prepared by the team of the day under the watchful eye of our fellow sailor, Chef W, who had planned the meals for us. Below is Hawaiian Night fare
Hawaiian - Pina colada
Pan fried fish fillets coated in sliced almonds with beurre noisette
Grilled ham steaks and honey glaze
Lana i risotto
Hawai I salad
and the last morning's breakfast was a delicious combination of left overs including barbecued bananas and pineapple, shakes made with strawberries, melons etc and barbecue eggs even cooked in Australia shapes (courtesy of our Aussie passenger).

So now some of us are back home after a short time and lots of walking around Adelaide with lots of great memories of a wonderful trip with a great group of people.

I may not have time to scrap over the next few weeks as we prepare for our first family wedding (very exciting and only 18 days to go).

The latest Up2Scrap magazine arrived while I was away and it is the last as an Elite Team 2010 Member. My project, a baby girl journal for a baby shower, appears on the cover.
I also discovered that It is the last edition of Up2Scrap in its present form and for 2010, with changes happening for 2011 and an announcement to be made on 1 November. Read the above issue for more information.

Have a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting.



Trace said...

Looks like an awesome trip Dianne - love the breakfast idea and lol on the Aussie eggs.

Rachel F said...

Welcome home - we have missed you!
Looks like a load of fun can't wait to catch up on all the happenings on Tuesday's once we resume.

Carol said...

what a super trip you had,thanks for the photos.So many scrap stores and mags are going,its kinda sad,I do hope we keep up to scrap some how.

Sonya said...

looks like a wonderful time was had by all Dianne. Thanks for sharing your photos. Looking forward to seeing them scrapped :-)
Sad about Up2scrap but great that there are new things ahead for the mag.Congrats on making the cover your ablums looks wonderful!!