Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Engraver Time

Thank you to all the class participants who took part in the "It's Engraver Time" class at the Embellish It Crop yesterday.  I tutored a lovely group of ladies, 7 of whom had come all the way from Christchurch and 4 Local ladies.  The class went well and they all seemed pretty pleased with their two layouts.  It was lovely to see the array of photos used and the different outcomes on the same layout as the Prima Engraver Collection is so versatile be it a modern photo or a vintage photo.  ... and I learned a thing or two from the participants too - thank you.   Hope all is going well with the two ladies creating the layouts at the Embellish It's  Oamaru Crop today.

If they look familiar you may have seen these layout before.  I first created them in April and then it was decided to make them into a class although the below layout had a few modifications from the first one and a different photo.  . 

Thanks again ladies.

And the Oamaru Ladies - Lovely to see your completed pages in the photo sent by email from Joanne - Embellish It. 

Today has not gone to plan - even had a ride in an ambulance with my Mum (in 2nd layout) this morning - severe pain from a back problem and couldn't lie or sit so it was an excruciating ride for her as they don't allow standing in the ambulance.  She got it sorted on the way home though (knelt on the back seat facing backwards - where there is a will there is a way)  Unfortunately these things will take time to get better so it is just day by day now ... and pain killers.   And poor little DGS (also in layout above) is not so well with the flu.  Hope they both get better soon.

Right - I am off to the craft room to have a BIG tidy up and hopefully produce a card. 

Have a good week....
Until next time...



Unknown said...

Wow, the layouts look amazing and it is so nice to see the ladies all together with theirs. Hope your family members heal... how awful for your Mum her back issues... sending healing hugs!

Trace said...

Sorry to hear your Mum isn't well Dianne - back problems are such debiltating things to have - they affect every part of your being.

On another note the layouts look great, and the class looks super happy with their results.