Saturday, August 11, 2012


Today was the day...... A few weeks ago a friend from Australia phoned and suggested that we don't put it off any longer and that a plan to bike the Otago Rail Trail should take place the second week of October sooooo.... every morning I have been dragging myself out of bed and hopping on the exercycle to get the 'bum' right.  I started with 5 mins and what huge effort that was!!!  - progressed up to 15 minutes which is still a bit of a drag but I am not puffing so much.  However I have had a busy couple of weeks with visitors, work etc so the real thing has been waiting.  I have borrowed DD's bike to see if this new found activity is for me. Today was the day that finally with some fine weather and a little time I had to get into action and see if I could still ride a bike as it has been a very long time - probably about 15 years.  A few trips up the drive and it was time to take to the road where it was time to experiment with the gears (much flasher and easier to operate than the last bike I had) so with a bit of huffing and puffing I got up the first hill, the second however had to be walked for a bit then it was down hill but a dose of palpitations occurred so a recovery rest was required.   Off again through the bay with a water stop at the other end.  Okay - half way "just have to get back home" so off again - all good and managed to pedal up the first hill all the way and then down to a style type gate where another biker did it with ease, DH also manouvered without a problem ...then it was my turn and the pedal got caught on the post and down I went hitting my back and buttock and splitting my finger nail and bending it back on the way.  "Oh No" - quickly  up I got and resurrected the bike before even DH had missed me.  Off again but this hill was steep so another walk then downhill and I managed to bike up two more before arriving home.  So pleased I had made it a I cycled into the drive but then realised I was a bit close to the caravan so braked.  ....over the handlebars I went landing like a dead ant nursing my limbs - LUCKY - no broken limbs just a grazed elbow and several bruises.  I now know that the right brake is the front brake - at least I found out when at home and not in the middle of the road.  Who said exercise is good for you?...

Well that is enough of my waffle for today.

It is only two weeks until the Embellish It Raincliff Camp.  If you are keen or in need of  for a dedicated scrapping weekend in a warm well lit venue with all your meals supplied, good company, a fully stocked shop and optional classes this could be the weekend for you. 

Here are the sneak peeks of the classes being offered

Friday night is a Card Class by Joanne - two cards; one very cute, bright and colourful girls/ladies card and one very cool boys/mans card.  You will not be disappointed.  Joanne makes amazing cards. 

Saturday Morning is a Heritage Class by Dianne (Me) where a beautiful heritage layout full of gorgeous papers, lace and flowers will be created along with some mini cards.

The next class is a Boy Class by Becks Caithness.  Join Becks for a real BOY class.  You will create two boy layouts in the class.  (I am looking forward to these as I have a certain little boy I want to scrap)

It is all very exciting but also a bit anxious at the same time with it being my first class.  It certainly takes a lot of planning to produce a layout and instructions and I am only half way there.

If you are interested in joining us at Raincliff from 24 - 26 August please email Joanne.for more details.    We would love to see you there.  If you are unable to attend there may be some Class Kits for sale.

During the week I helped a friend with a wedding card but I forgot to take a photo of it.  She will bring it back for photographing before it travels to Wales.  Tonight I am doing a nice bright Christmas layout so will share that next time.  So I better get back to it and then onto the Heritage Layout instructions.

I am hoping I can still move tomorrow.  lol.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Thank you so much for stopping by today.


Rachel F said...

OUCH! You poor thing but it sounds like you went for a huge ride on your first attempt so good on you for making it home!
The sneak peaks look fantastic Diane and I am sure you will do just fine on your class you are a natural!

Trace said...

Hope there are no aches and pains this morning - I think you will be heading for a long soak in the bath if there is. Looking forward to seeing your photos when you do, do the rail trail.