Friday, June 8, 2012

It should have been Gaga .. but it is Grrr Grrr

I am posting in the middle of the night - need to write it down and hopefully I will get back to sleep.  On 29 February my concert mad DH bought tickets for himself and DD#3 to attend  Lady Gaga's concert last night.  They had been looking forward to it since then and over the past few days, while looking after me, had been planning their 'Dad and Daughter' time in Auckland.  Off they went on Wednesday night to Dunedin in preparation for their flight at 11ish a.m.  At 8.30 a.m. while I was skyping them came the text that the flight had been delayed until 1.45 p.m. - okay they would just go a bit later, which they did, only to find that the flight had been cancelled 'due to weather'.  Well it was a glorious day in Dunedin and Air NZ was still flying.  There were no further flights that would have got them to Auckland on time.  They were gutted, we were gutted for them and we are SOOOOooooo ANGRY with JETSTAR.  We normally travel Air NZ but this time opted for Jetstar due to the time of the direct flight to Auckland. 

Two seats in PP row were empty tonight....  We learned two things today - 1.  Take ticket insurance and 2. NOT to travel with JETSTAR!  We were fortunate to be able to transfer the accommodation to another date.

DH is now home and probably sleeping soundly while I am having 'hot flushes' (true) over it. (I woke up boiling hot and composing a letter to Lady Gaga lol)

Well that is my gripe in the night......

Promise the next post will be full of flowers and nice things.

Until then

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Rachel F said...

I am gutted for them - and good on your for writing the letter - hope you are penning one to Jet Star too!