Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day and Memorabilia

Today in NZ and Australia we remember those served our countries during war times.  Today I am sharing some layouts I created back in 2006, in my 2nd year of scrapbooking, so they are a bit different to the styles of today however I am still pleased with the way they are and the history they hold. 

With any old memorabilia, I am fortunate enough have, I always feel that I am the custodian of the precious items so always copy or replicate the items to use on my scrapbooking pages.  
 With this first layout of my DH’s grandfather in WW1, I scanned his medals and then cut them out of the photo (with a craft knife), and then did the bravery medal he received separately to embellish the page with the newspaper cutting of the story of how he was awarded it.  The photo on the left was cropped from the photo on the right and reversed so that it was the right orientation on the page.  The gold tin was also in his memorabilia and contained a bullet which was presented as a commemoration token so this too is scanned.  The right page contains a copy of his discharge certificate under vellum was printed and embossed with his name, barb wire and poppy and then the cut out medals attached.  The certificate can be pulled out for closer inspection but does not impact the page too much.  The postcards are copies and on the back I transcribed the words from the back of the postcards.   

 The 2nd layout is of my father-in-law’s involvement in WW2 for which we have a lot more memorabilia.  
  On the left page I used a pocket system to hold the copied items including his ship tag envelope which I copied and replicated, discharge certificate, details of his war involvement typed on a card, some mounted photos telling of some unfortunate times, a copied postcard and a replica of the telegram family received about his impending return.  The pocket also contains a replicated pay book which I copied in colour, glued together and made a replica cover.  On the right hand page are photos in filmstrips are of his time in Egypt – he left NZ a robust man, and the photos show his loss of condition during his time away.  He returned home a sick man.    Also included are his scanned medals, a photo pre war with his new wife in the corner (they were married on his final leave) and some Anzac poppies and postage stamps.  
'Lest we Forget' those who served, and those who were not lucky enough to return. 

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Bridgette said...

even back then you were doing amazing work. and that is why we fell in love with you. You bring history back to life

Joanne said...

Hi Dianne
You are so lucky to have all that memorabilia at hand, Sean is always looking for details of his Father's time spent at war, unfortunately his Dad didn't talk much about it and we don't have a lot of stuff to go on.
Your layouts are stunning as always.

Sonya said...

WOW Dianne, so you have always been a wonderful scrapper then, just seems to come naturally to you! I always love to read the stories behind your pages, you make the people 'come alive' for me,as Im sure your pages will do for your family.