Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Four Square Supermarket & Embellish It Crop

At last I have taken some photos so I can share my very own iconic Four Square Supermarket.  I won this little gem in a raffle at Labour Weekend.  The work that has gone into making it is amazing and every little detail has been thought of. 
Warning.... Photo heavy

 The shop is downstairs with 1950's living upstairs. 
Below - the living room.  Note the flying ducks on the wall, swan on the dresser, tiny knitted jersy on the open door
 and below the dinner wagon with china teaset, chocolate cake and neenish tarts all sitting on tiny doilies. 
   ... and the bedroom - note the slippers under the bed. 
 .. and the gloves hanging out the dresser drawer with brush set and perfumes on top  and tiny cat peeking around the corner.
 Now for the shop - fully stocked shelves with everything you could imagine. 
 even the brown paper dispenser and string.
 The 5 cent mixtures (actually in the 1950s it was still pounds, shillings and pence) so perhaps threepenny mixtures lol. 
 Decimal currency came in on 10 July 1967.  Licorice straps, life savers and jars of sweets.  Lots of memories there.
 The ham is sliced on the slicer and sits on paper on the scales. Recognise any of the groceries on the shelves?
  Little loaves of bred sit in baskets on the shelves and the cheese together with wire to cut it is on the bench.  (I actually used to cut the cheese with a wire when I worked as a high school student at our local store but that was early 1970s lol).  Note the little paper bags on the end of the counter.
 The shelf with all sorts of other items for sale from the tiny cake tins (top left) to the meat mincer, pots and pans to brooms.
  and last but not least - the storeroom - with the scales weighing potatoes, box of groceries ready for delivery, antique wooden chair, tea chest along with lots of other bits and pieces.  The door of the storeroom is the back door to outside. 
So Miniature enthusiasts have enormous attention to detail, passion for their hobby and I am sure lots of patience.  It really is a treasure. 

EMBELLISH IT is having it's last Timaru crop for the year this Saturday 24 November at  Highfield School, Rimu Street from 9am to 9pm.   Contact Joanne if you would like to join in - it will be a good day and the shop is brimming with goodies.  

Should you like to see the Four Square Supermarket in the flesh I will take it to the Embellish It Crop on Saturday.  Would be great to see you there. 

I was going to share the Thank You cards I made the lovely lady who delivered my shop to Timaru and the raffle organisers but as this is very photo heavy I will post them another day. 

Thank you for stopping by today.

Until Next time.....


Francine said...

wow- the attention to detail is amazing and i can only imagine how many hours of work it took to create this masterpiece! Truly astonishing! A real treasure to keep and savour and pass on to your family!

Trace said...

Oh Dianne, it's just stunning, what an amazing amount of work and time (not to mention money) has gone into this. Couldn't have gone to a better home.

Brenda said...

Ohhh WOW, What a beautiful work of art, amazing.. Soo many hours will have gone into this unbelievable...
Btw thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Oh this is GORGEOUS!!! This has such amazing attention to detail and I just LOVE it!!!! TFS! :D

Mrs Frizz said...

now that really is something to keep and treasure for ever ... very special.