Monday, August 15, 2011

Catching UP

Where has the last week gone?  I hope everyone is managing to keep warm during this polar blast.  My girls and s-i-l came to visit on Saturday but made a hasty retreat back to Dunedin yesterday morning and luckily made it through.  They felt that had they been another half an hour later they wouldn't have got through.  

We have had a mixed weather bag today - sunshine, snow, wind, hail, rain and a day at home from work although I did work at home.  I was relieved that School was closed today as from past experience it is not a good idea to open in a town where snow is a novelty - the wet floors are hazardous with children slipping over and hurting themselves, many do not dress for the conditions and are crying with cold and parents of those who do attend are anxious wondering when and if they will be required to pick up children due to changes in the conditions.  Besides all that they cannot concentrate when looking out the window at the snow.   Better at home for all!! ... except for the parents who still have to go to work I suppose.

So much for getting  my purple page done and posted the weekend before last  - it is still on the table in bits.  However I have caught up and finished the colour cards, made a cover and bound them in a book.   The Colour Class has now finished.   I had already completed the black colour card before the polar blast.  It is another retro photo taken in Central Otago many years ago.  Even though it is white snow I chose to use it on the black page due to the neutral colours in the photo and it reminds me of the black snowy sky that we have been experiencing periodically today.
 I used packaging for the black part of the page and then liquid pearls which depict snow flakes.  The punch is a Martha Stewart one.
  For the white page, although it also contains black I chose this for the 'cleanliness & crispness' of the white shirts and I suppose you could also take purity and innocence from the photo too lol. 
The punch is EK Success.. Pic is my sister and I in our Girls Brigade Uniforms.  Not the best photos as I forgot to take them before mounting in the book.
Week six of the Colour class gave a handout and video on making a cover.  I decided to bind mine using the concertina type method - mainly figured out as I went.  A few pics.

Well that is it for today.

It is snowing again as I write this - if this keeps up will we make it to work tomorrow? - I will have to try anyway - a few deadlines looming.

Until next time KEEP WARM...........


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